Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nine Quotes From The Master Investor Show 2013, London

I had yet another very enjoyable visit to the sixth Master Investor Show I've attended. It was the first year under new management but with a few familiar faces.
This is a quick blog for now, I'll cover the speakers I saw over the next few days.

"The Euro is the greatest short I have seen in my thirty years of foreign exchange experience."
Jim Mellon

"Hold 5 to 10% of your portfolio in gold as insurance and hope it doesn't go up because that would mean everything else is bad."
Merryn Somerset Webb

"Those over forty are driven mad by compliance officers, those under forty know nothing." 

Simon Cawkwell on the problem with stockbrokers

"Gold is the Anti-Christ of investment. It's what everything else isn't."
James Ferguson

"Interest rates at a 300 year low tells us that nothing is normal now."
Merryn Somerset Webb

"I don't know why they've asked me to the Master Investor Show, I'm a rubbish investor. In fact I ran my own Rubbish Investor Show but it wasn't very successful."

Richard Reed

"President Truman demanded to see a one-handed economist - all the others began their advice with 'On the one hand...but on the other hand."
Jim Mellon

"The bare-faced tolerance of fraud by the regulators is degrading."
Simon Cawkwell

"QE is now running at three times the rate the Bank of England used during the worst of the credit crunch."
James Ferguson


Master Investor have started publishing presentations from the show:. For viewing compatibility, I have put Powerpoint files through an online viewer:

Managing the t1ps legacy - Peter Webb

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